Battery Scanreco 7.2 VDC 2000 mAh A2000380100 type 592


battery Scanreco type 592

Code A2000380100

Suitable for bttery charges / part. no. 434, 435 and 439 


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The battery is mounted in a portable charger, which makes it resistant to impacts and weather conditions. The Nickel Metal Hybrid (NiMH) battery is charged at 7.2 VDC and is short-circuit protected.


Important notice


  • the battery capacity is 8 hours of operation
    - when the battery needs charging, the control panel beeps 3 times and the LED on the control panel starts blinking at the same time
    - The battery should be used until the LED goes out, then it can be replaced. If the battery capacity is too low, the control unit cannot be activated
    - In extremely low temperatures, battery capacity and operational efficiency are reduced. The battery is automatically charged during operation by cablecontrol
    - the control unit is automatically turned off when the unit is left idle for approximately five (5) minutes


Battery parameters:

Type: 6 Cell NiMH battery

Nominal voltage: 7.2 VDC / 2000 mAh

Ambient temperature (Celsius /Farenheit): -0°C to +45°C /approx. -32°F to to +115°F

Dimensions (WxHxD): 150x50x28 mm

Weight: 0,20 kg

IP Class: IP65

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